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Social Media Audit

How do you know if you’re doing it right? A social media audit reviews your current actions and highlights opportunities and possible pitfalls. Are there brand evangelists out there that you are not aware of?  Are you taking advantage of the new features available in Facebook? Are your employees really engaging in conversations or are they using social media as a broadcast channel?

If you are wondering how are you doing with your Social Media presence we can help you. Through our social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of the social Web and how to successfully drive visitors to your site.

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Social Media Lab

Why bother with social media?  Social Media is changing the way we use the web and the way we do business. We are Social Media advocates and our multidisciplinary background have made our different Social Media interests converge in single point od contact, this Lab.

Social media Lab is a collaborative effort of some people to whom Social Media is a passion. This passion generates knowledge and we think that this knowledge have to be shared. The contributors at Social Media Lab are interested in the way people live, behave, think and love online. The Social Media Lab investigates a variety of behaviors that take place online, including language processes, patterns of deception, self-presentation in social networking sites, and the formation of attributions and relationships. The lab is a state-of-the-art facility.

Our goal is to stimulate economic and social growth by providing affordable social media key strategies, marketing training and support  to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and non-profits.

Social Media Lab has as foundational objectives:

  • Conceptualize, Prototype and execute research activity about Social Media.
  • Identify new opportunities in Social Media and define new business models.
  • Provide guidelines,benchmarks,training and why not certifications in Social Media to whom will be interested.
  • Open doors to everybody who wants to collaborate and share his knowledge.

Whether you are a newbie to social media, have dabbled in it but still don’t understand it completely or just want to learn the latest techniques and tools to maximize your efforts, our hands on lab is right for you.

We believe the ultimate goal of social media is to funnel traffic to to your website, your blog or a capture page in order to drive business, build relationships, and further your organizational mission.

Social Media is an ever changing landscape.   Books or DVDs on social media are almost always obsolete by the time they are written.  The best way to get the latest social media information is ask Social Media Lab about the last. We will try to provide you the latest information.

1) Conceptualizar, prototipar y ejecutar actividad de Investigación sobre Social Media.
2) Identificar oportunidades sin explotar en Social media y definir nuevos modelos de negocios.
3) Proporcionar guías, comparativas, formación y certificaciones en Social Media a quienes estén interesados.
4) Abrir las puertas a la colaboración a todo el que quiera aportar su conocimiento.


SML realizamos estudios y desplegamos estrategias End-to-End en el ámbito SM, en especial para aquellas personas, empresas y organismos que vean en el Social Media la forma de acercarse a su público o sus clientes de forma individualizada.

SML se alinea con quienes trabaja para llevar a cabo un análisis vertical específico buscando nuevos modelos de negocio y modelos de márketing ayudando a aprovechar el poder de las nuevas tecnologías sociales.

Desde aqui invitamos a los estudiantes, las empresas, instituciones y profesionales a colaborar con nosotros en esta misión única.

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